The grubby secret world

The grubby secret world

I’ve just discovered your site and it makes very moving, inspiring reading. I gave up alcohol completely im December last year and have managed to keep dry without too much difficulty, which is in itself a blessing.

People often ask me if I miss the drink and I have only to remember the grubby secret world of the hardened drinker, the betrayals it induced and the total lack of control over my life.

Miss it? You’ve got to be joking and so long as I remember I am just one glass away from misery, sobriety gives me a far bigger kick than alcohol ever did.

As someone who spent the nineteen nineties in an alcoholic decline, let me take this opportunity to wish you all the best from England and to spread the word to people like me ,(an ordinary family man whose life was being horribly distorted by an external influence),that giving up equals power and self respect.

Remember, you can always fight back.