Had 67 jobs

Had 67 jobs. I had tried alcohol here and there as a child. My mother never drank and my father did, rarely. The first time I realized what alcohol could do for me, I was 12. It was at my father’s second wedding and I did not want to be there. I was very unhappy […]

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Sharing our Pain

Sharing our Pain. Thank you for asking me to contribute. I am more than happy to share my story, and to be a part of spreading the word about alcoholism, and the solutions. For me, it was and IS Alcoholics Anonymous. You are free to either post my links or copy my stories to your

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Death certificates

Death certificates. Alcoholism has a long arm in my family, going back at least as far as my grandfather who was born more than a century ago. Of his nine children, all either were alcoholics or married alcoholics except one, who was epileptic and committed suicide in prison at the age of 36. I read

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