Hiding from my life in a bottle

Hiding from my life in a bottle.

Thanks for adding this site so that we may share our experience, strength and hope. My story is that I spent the better part of seven years hiding from my life in a bottle.

As I went deeper into the deadly disease of alcoholism, I lost more contact with reality. Even though my three favorite times of day to drink were morning, noon and night, I could not see how serious my problem was.

Like so many other people before me, I changed jobs – less stress, less drinking I thought. Until I started trying to die.

I was already dead inside, the physical makeup that was left of me was just a shell to continue drinking. I finally reached the ultimate hell of neither being able to live dry or drunk.

If so many of the people in AA and other rehabilitation services were not available, I probably wouldn’t be here to share my story. I am now thankful that my last (of many) suicide attempts failed.

I thank my HP that I do not have to live my life in that world anymore. I am free to have good days and bad days – and none of them have to be influenced any longer by the bottle that ran my life for me.

Now, I am free to make choices with the help of my HP and the fellowship of others who can only laugh with me at the pain and absurdity that used to be my life. top of page

*………a Friend in Colorado.

I didn’t think I had a problem with alcohol since I compared my drinking to an older sister who is an alcoholic. She drank from morning to night everyday.

I drank only a few nights a week partying with my friends and hanging out. When I stopped drinking 9 years ago the first thing I learned was to look for similarities and to stop focusing on the few differences.

I blacked out more often than not, I drank to get drunk and fit in, I always had to start the drinking process prior to any occasion so I was good and ready,

I always ended up doing shots since I knew how wasted I’d get, and the list goes on.

I’m grateful for my willingness to stop pointing the finger out so I could take responsibility for my life.

I think your web site is cool and well needed. I hope my story may touch another and help them find peace from a deadly disease.