She is a sloppy drunk

She is a sloppy drunk.

I’m a recovering alcoholic. And I am going through a very frustrating time with my twin sister who is an active alcoholic.

We are both thirty years old and both drank from the time we moved out of our home at 16.

The only difference between her and I was that I drank from morning till night and she …… she just waited till noon.

I was an ugly drunk and she is a sloppy drunk. Needless to say she does not wait till noon any more.

Thanks to my higher power I stopped drinking when I did. On my 25th birthday my sister and I wanted to of course celebrate our birthday but I couldn’t. I was in so much pain all day long, I finally went to the emergency room.

Well I thought my life was over when they told me I could never drink again. I was diagnosed with with pancreatitis. From that day on it was in and out of the hospitals for me for the next 2 years.

Because I didn’t want to stop drinking. Or I was trying to kill myself. Needless to say, I finally went through a rehab center and I haven’t had a drink since.

But I have had half of my pancreas taking out and continue to have problems and soon I will have no pancreas.But I am extremely grateful to be sober and living free.

At the beginning of my story I said I am going through a frustrating time right now and that’s because my twin sister has been hospitalized 3 times in the past year for inflammation of the pancreas.

And she continues to drink heavily. I am very scared for her. She seems to think that her problem is not as severe as mine.
I hope by telling you my story about my sister and I .

It will help someone to maybe stop drinking before its to late. I thank god everyday that I was lucky enough to stop before it was to late. And I hope who ever is out there listening ,you will stop too.