Took my daughters life

Took my daughters life

My husband is what they call a functioning alcoholic. He has never drank during work . He goes to the bar after work and we see the results. He isn’t a mean drunk or hateful, which makes it even harder to make him realize what he is doing is wrong.

In 1989 I left my sober husband with my 7 week old daughter while I took my 12 yr. old shopping. I guess he had a couple drinks after we left.

When we came home, I found him asleep in the recliner with my baby facedown between the arm of the chair and his leg…she had smothered and I was too late.After her funeral, everyone went to his Mother’s house.

He left the house and went down to the local Inn to drown his sorrow and left me there. I feel the loss of that little girl every day……As I write, ten years later, my husband is attending AA and is 10 days sober.

I pray every night for his recovery, and would appreciate your prayers also. How we ever made it this far, I don’t know.

You would think that our loss would have stopped him ten years ago, but it drove him into a severe depression, depending even more on alcohol to ease the pain.

I don’t pretend to understand this disease, but I know I hate it. To think that a “liquid” took my daughters life. To think that it devastates so many.