Dry for a week, and back on the booze again

Dry for a week, and back on the booze again.

My name is Remco, I’m 26 years old and I’ve stopped drinking 2 weeks ago, I had been drinking for over four years. I live in Holland, I’ve got a friend, I’m gay, and he didn’t know anything about my drinking problem.

In November 1998 I suddenly realized that I was destroying myself and my relation, I went to see my doctor and told him I thought I drank way too much, he asked me “how much do you drink on a daily basis” I said “half a bottle of whiskey and a couple of beers”, “aha” he said, ” I always multiply that by 2″ there he had me, even to my doctor I was lying,

I was ashamed to tell anyone who I really was. He gave me a medicine called “Campral” that was to help me stopping to quit, but in the little book I got with it stood that it was possible to drink with Campral, so dry for a week, and back on the booze again…

Three weeks later I decided to go back to my doctor and tell him that it didn’t work, he told me to go to an institution called” Jellinek” that is a consultation buro for alcohol and drugs, they really helped me, they gave me “antabus” a medicine that keeps you from drinking because if you do drink you’ll get very sick, they also offered me to get a social worker to help me once a week and talk about my problem, I’m sober now my friend knows all about it and I’ve never felt better in my life, I’ve got nothing to hide, I don’t have to sneak out and buy alcohol and my social life is back on track again.

It’s hard to quit because you feel like your only good friend is leaving you, but this so-called friend destroys you, and you are letting him even tough you have your eyes wide open.

You think that there’s no life after alcohol, how can there be, you were so certain of yourself when you drank, you were so outgoing and energetic, well, find yourself back, it will take time, but hey!

You’ll live, with yourself and not a drugged sorry excuse for a human being that hates what he does and an denies and lies and twiggels and wiggles to get the booze, you may want to wake up and feel good about yourself again, don’t you?

It’s worth the pain, and the detox and the therapy, really remco.