Historically too tired

Historically too tired.

For many years I have felt so ungodly tired. I am tired of being hung over, going through withdrawal, headaches, gut aches, memory loss, blackouts, car accidents, tons of medical costs to treat my alcohol induced injuries, illnesses, hospitals, jails, involuntary committals and treatment centers.

Last week, end of June 1999, I found out that now I have alcohol induced anemia and vitamin B-12 deficiency. I have to take injections once a month for at least one year.

In April 1999 I had 2 car accidents. Fortunately they were only involving my own car and no one else was injured. Both were alcohol related. I had my car out of the body shop for 3 days and wrecked it again.

Both times it was front end damage. I was taken to the hospital both times by ambulance and the police became involved. However, I didn’t get cited for DUI. I do not know why, should have.

I was whip lashed, had a head injury, broke a tooth out, busted my lip open, had a gash on my head, broke my glasses and further injured my back. I am still being treated for the injuries. While my car was in the body shop from the first accident I had to rent another one.

I was found by the police at 7 AM passed out or unconscious (in the rental car) from the head trauma and again transported by ambulance to the hospital. My Blood Alcohol Level, or ethanol was .09. In my state, legal limit is .10, so I slid by again.

On about May 17, 1999, the police removed me from my home on their own terms. I was never arrested and no complaints by my family were made,however, the police told me that I had to leave my house, that I could not stay here. They thought that my 4 year old was in danger, but she wasn’t.

When they got me outside my house into my yard, then they handcuffed me and hauled me to jail for detox. I ended up with another wrist injury that required medical treatment.

I recall the police telling me that I had to stay there for 8 hours but I ended up there about 12 hours. I was then committed for involuntary treatment by the courts.

This is all so insane, I can’t hardly think that one person would be so sick to do this stuff. I would never do anything like this consciously at all.

My Dr. put me on Rieva which is an expensive drug used to treat heroin or opiate addicts. It has been recently discovered to be effective on chronic alcoholic’s.

I was on this for 2 days and I drank while taking it. The drug does block the effects of alcohol, that is what it is supposed to do. Since I didn’t get the effect that I needed, I stopped taking it. I know that is so stupid, but the addiction is that severe for me.

These are just a few things I have experienced from the chronic use of alcohol. There is no wonder that I am historically tired.

When I am not using I do not have car accidents, broken bones & teeth or
hospitalized, but I am still tired.